How to Knot Your Summertime Tee

May 26 2021 – Jessica French

How to Knot Your Summertime Tee

How to Knot Your Summertime Tee

Summertime is here and there's nothing better than lounging by the water or enjoying those cookouts & hangouts! We are so ready for it and what are we going to wear? Something cool and easy of course - Our favorite tee & shorts!

Knotting or tucking your tee instantly brings a more put together look!

Here's 3 super easy and adorable ways to style a tee just to give it that little something extra and show off those curves this summer!


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☀️ Knot 1: Front or Side Knot 

This knot is by far the easiest and maybe you've have tried it already. This knot totally adds style and eliminates the boxy look. 

How? Stretch the excess material to the front and tie a decent sized knot. The larger knots are less likely to come untied. What a difference!


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☀️ Knot 2: Faux Crop Top 

This knot is by far our fav! You don't have to have so many types of tees when you can convert any tee into a crop top! Perfect for summer temps that won't let up. You will hardly believe how cute this makes any tee!

How? Tie a high knot and tuck under the front of your bra. The bra trick will keep it in place all day! 💥  Instant New Look!

*Works well for large busted but for smaller bust can just tuck inward for same effect but harder to keep all day*


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☀️  Knot 3: Pop that 🍑

This knot is perfect to show off your booty! It pulls the sides tighter to rid of the boxy look but really highlights your assets

How? Tie a knot in the back and tuck under. Roll the sleeves for some added cuteness!

Ok, now it's time to force someone to take your pic! You know you look good, get it on camera!!


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