Love My Selfie: 3 Tips for Posing Your Curves

February 25 2021 – Jessica French

Love My Selfie: 3 Tips for Posing Your Curves

Love My Selfie: 3 Tips for Posing Your Curves

It's time to show your curves off in photos! 

A picture says 1000 words right?! With these posing techniques your selfie will say 

⭐️  Confident ⭐️  Classy ⭐️  Sexy ⭐️  Styled ⭐️  Trendy ⭐️ Elegant ⭐️  Happy

Photos are taken all the time and at every event so keep these tips in mind at your next encounter with the camera!


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Triangles add dimension to a photo and are pleasing to the eye.

Show off your curves simply by touching them and it will naturally add triangles!

Place a hand on your waist to instantly make a triangle and highlight your curves at the same time!

Use your arms & feet for other triangles such as touching your hair or position one foot pointing away from the camera.


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Think opposite of boring! Your hands can do so much more than hang by your side. 

Touch your necklace, hair, or chin! Hold them up like the photo for a sassy look. 

Take up space with confidence! A photo is best with less space around the subject so fill it up with your cute poses. 

Move your feet, don't let them be straight foward! Bend your leg and point your toes either down or away from the camera. 


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Sides and shoulder poses make super cute photos! 

Turn away from the camera but turn your head to look directly at it confidently. 

Drop your shoulder some to show off your face fully. 

These side dimensions bring focus to your eyes and upper body

Looking up at the camera makes you look innocent 

Looking down at the camera shows dominance

Looking slightly away from the camera is great for candids 



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